The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Facebook Edition

Some of you might notice that along the top of the website, I added a link to the menu that says “Facebook.” It goes to my Facebook profile, which is still a bit of a work in progress. I decided to join Facebook and use it as a place to post more “meta”-oriented stuff related to things happening on The Simple Dollar, as well as my own interests – perhaps a bit more of a “personal” thing than what you’ll see here. If it sounds interesting, keep an eye on it or perhaps add me as a friend on there.

Do You Buy New Or Used Cars? 10 Popular Reasons To Buy New I get almost all of these from a late model used car, fresh off a lease, plus I don’t have that wonderful feeling of a few thousand in depreciation as soon as I drive the car off the lot. (@ the digerati life)

21 Strategies For Creating An Emergency Fund And Why It’s Critical An excellent article on emergency funds (that even includes a link back to The Simple Dollar). (@ zen habits)

The Simple Dollar Retro: Why Johnny Can Read: Simpson’s Paradox and the Greatly Exaggerated Death of American Public Education This was the culmination of a long discussion about whether private schools are worth the cost. My feeling is that in some areas they are and in some areas they’re not, and I give some detailed explanation of that here.

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  1. Javi0084 says:

    My car has almost 180,000 miles, it is very slowly starting to die but I don’t think I’ll be able to save enough cash for another one (I’m paying off my credit card). I estimate it will run for another 3-5 months before its finally time to replace it and I’ll probably will have to get a loan to purchase another one :(

  2. Friend request has been sent, heh.

    Good link to the zenhabits article.

  3. Thank you again Trent! :)

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