The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Family Focus Edition

Over the last week, my focus has been drawn heavily to my family and the posts here right now are reflecting this. My son is having some emotional difficulty adjusting to a lot of little changes in his life (new house, new bed, new room at daycare, and understanding that a new little sister is imminent). Plus, my wife and I are in near-constant preparation for our new little girl. So, be aware that there is a rather large family tack right at the moment to my writing.

How To Turn A Video Game System Into A Gym Membership Good suggestions. I also recommend Dance Dance Revolution and a Wii. (@ wise bread)

You Can’t Trust That Carfax Report! This is a good reason to hang onto every receipt associated with your automobile, so you can demonstrate inaccuracies if someone pulls a Carfax report on your own car. (@ clever dude)

When A Saver And A Spender Say “I Do” This type of mix always makes me nervous because you have two people coming from two very different philosophies. They’d better be good at communication! (@ get rich slowly)

The Simple Dollar Retro: Five Ways To Improve Your Career On The Commute (Without Your Cell Phone) I do most of these quite regularly and they really help (even if they seem kind of crazy at first).

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  1. Clever Dude says:

    Hey thanks for the link Trent! I knew this one would catch your eye.

  2. Margaret says:

    For what it’s worth, kids go through all kinds of stages and emotions as they grow. Sometimes it has nothing to do with you — it is their brain growing. It could be the changes, but it is also the age. Good luck with number two. I actually thought my second was easier than my first, and big brother can help. One thing I did that I think helped was when the baby did something new, I told no 1 that baby learned it from him. I also told him about how he used to do whatever just like baby.

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