The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Flying The Friendly Skies Edition

At about the time you read this, I’ll be on my way to San Diego, California for some long-needed rest and relaxation. I’ll still keep up with The Simple Dollar a bit, but I might not be as responsive to emails. I plan to be back in Iowa by the end of next week. For now, let’s read some great personal finance blog posts.

First of all, I’m simply blown away by the fact that someone has set up a parody of The Simple Dollar. I stumbled upon The Sinful Dollar yesterday and, well, I’m flattered that anyone would put that much work into parodying my blog. Big kudos to the creator of that site.

The Advantages of Low Rent Living This is a person who has his head on straight. Who needs to live a high rent lifestyle if it just brings you stress and removes the freedom to take risks and leave jobs that don’t match your lifestyle? (@ chief happiness officer)

Generation Next Changes The Face Of The Workplace Now that a third generation is entering the workforce alongside the baby boomers and Generation X, the workplace is seeing some interesting dynamics develop. There is a sense of “crotchety old man thinks those young whippersnappers are lazy” to the article, but not too much. (@ gen x finance)

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