The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Four Down, Many To Go Edition

After yesterday’s house hunting, we saw one house that we both liked but didn’t quite fall in love with. I did almost fill my digital camera with pictures. Many more tonight!

I Lost My Job, My Mortgage Is Going To Be Due, Now What? Now is the time to suck it up and show what kind of mettle you have. Get a job, any job, and keep te income coming in. Cut back the fat big time. And don’t forget what you’re really in this for. (@ lazy man and money)

Pay Yourself First and Then Keep Stealing In other words, set up as much automatic withdrawals as you can and then focus your energy on still coming out ahead even after the withdrawals. Good advice that I live by. (@ money, matter, and more musings)

Asian Children Financially Supporting Parents My take on this article was a bit different than Jim’s. I basically see such articles as a motivator, that America is a melting pot that looks to other cultures for the best ideas and then incorporates them. The only problem I see with America in that regard is that sometimes our definition of “best” is faulty and we also sometimes haven’t a good grasp on how cultures will mix. (@ blueprint for financial prosperity)

The Simple Dollar Retro: The Debt Snowball Concept: How I Made It Work For Me This is how to do the whole debt snowball without forgoing the security of a nice emergency fund.

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  1. jim says:

    I wasn’t really offering my take on Him’s article or the original one in the paper, I was just offering how I, being Chinese, and my family approached the whole concept of filial piety and supporting my parents.

  2. !wanda says:

    If my mother were in a tight spot financially, I would help out. But more important to me is that I know I would take her in and not let her go to a nursing home, even if it were to the detriment of my (currently nonexistent) husband and children. She took care of her own mother, and it feels wrong to not continue the favor. You can’t pay anyone else to love you and care for you like your family loves you.

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