The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Four’s Company Edition

I spent the evening getting ready for an incoming deluge of in-laws tomorrow, stating with my two sisters-in-law tomorrow afternoon. It’s going to be an expensive weekend … so maybe a couple of good personal finance posts will help me keep my eye on the ball.

How I Control Cash Spending The envelope system is a really strong way to get started if you’ve never tried budgeting before. (@ no credit needed)

Building A Credit History: Baby Steps A quick aside for my college-age readers: don’t use credit cards for anything other than textbooks and be diligent with your student loans (start repayment when you graduate), and your credit will be healthy when you need it. (@ a financial revolution)

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  1. missiondebtfreedom says:

    Two sisters-in-law in the same weekend? Godspeed fellow man…take a moment to plan many excuses to Lowes, Home Depot or any other place of refuge! Makes me appreciate even more that my wife was an only child.

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