The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Get Rich Slowly Edition

This week on the morning roundups (while I’m busily moving), I’m highlighting five of the best posts from five personal finance blogs that I faithfully follow. Today’s site is Get Rich Slowly.

Personal Finance on Film: The Farmer’s Wife
This is an excellent review of a PBS Frontline documentary on the financial realities of a couple that lives in rural Nebraska. Many of the issues they face ring very true for me, and J.D. writes it up here very nicely and carefully.

There Is No Secret: The Myth of the Law of Attraction
Thankfully someone else got the memo – the value of the so-called law of attraction is what you do with that positive thinking. It isn’t the positive thinking itself that draws in the money, wealth, and success.

What Should A Billionaire Give, and What Should You?
Charity is a difficult subject to talk about, but J.D. handles it with class here – if you’ve ever wondered what you should be doing in terms of charity, this is well worth reading.

Why Frugality Is An Important Part of Personal Finance
Frugality topics often seem to draw out the negatives from many of my readers, and apparently the same thing happens for J.D. This article really lays it down and explains why knowing how to save money on regular expenses – even just a penny at a time – can be huge.

How To Get Out Of Debt
This is an excellent collection of advice on how to escape debt, an issue that many, many Americans are facing right now.

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  1. plonkee says:

    I like GRS a lot too, and the post on ‘what a billionaire should give’ is one of my favourites (read and you’ll see why).

    I like this idea of highlighting the best of some other blogs – you should do it again after this week (assuming you like more than 5 blogs of course).

  2. Trent Trent says:

    Plonkee: I plan on reprising this with five more blogs during the week that my daughter is born.

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