The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Ham, Corn, and Cheese Chowder Edition

We had a great supper last night. It took five minutes to make and was very cheap for a family of three. Take some chopped up leftover ham, add a can of cream of mushroom soup, a can of corn, about half a cup of milk, and some chopped up carrots or chopped up potatoes if you’ve got them (they’re both good, but not essential). Let it simmer for five minutes. Add a cup of shredded cheese, some pepper, and about two tablespoons of parsley. Let it simmer for five more minutes. Stir it a lot. Serve with some extra cheese on top and some crackers. We made it out of leftovers and some stuff in our cupboard and it was delicious.

So, now, onto some personal finance news.

Rich People Plan For Three Generations I’m planning right now to help out my children as much as possible, and then when they’re rolling, to help my grandchildren. The odds are I probably won’t know my great grandchildren. (@ make love not debt)

Losing Weight Can Bulk Up Your Savings This is just one little example of the ramifications of reevaluating a morning treat. This basically explains exactly why I gave up fast food this year. (@ my two dollars)

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