The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Hitting On All Cylinders Edition

For today’s morning roundup, I’m going to highlight four thoroughly underappreciated blogs that I’ve been reading lately, along with a few great samples of why you should be reading them. Please, take a minute or two to visit these sites – they’re all well worth a click.

Queercents ( is “a personal finance blog serving the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community,” or so says their banner along the top. Although it’s awesome that they’re targeting such a specific audience, the truth of the matter is that Queercents is just a great personal finance blog, period. The writing is amazingly strong on a daily basis and I find the advice highly applicable to my own life as a heterosexual white Protestant living in rural Iowa. You might want to read:
Being Middle Class Is Burying Us!
Credit Cards – No Signature Required
The Dismal Savings Rate In America

Canadian Capitalist ( is a great personal finance blog that ostensibly focuses on Canadian issues – but the advice is almost always applicable to all. The other day, I got lost in the archives there and found myself reading for hours. You might want to read:
The Smith Manoeuvre Debate
The Mortgage Pre-Payment Debate
Book Review: Why We Want You To Be Rich

Money, Matter, and More Musings ( is one of those sites that shows incredible flashes of pure brilliance every once in a while that makes you think, “Wow, this writer is a genius!” The site tags itself as evidence that “personal finance doesn’t need to be boring” – quite often, his writing takes care of that! You might want to read:
Getting Rid Of Your Debt Without Worrying About The Latte Factor
This $9 Gadget Might Save You From Cable Bills
Gasoline Prices: Why $2.189 And Not $2.19 – Why The Third Decimal Place?

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  1. Thanks for the mention

  2. Nathania Johnson says:

    Wow, that Queercents site is good. I read the article about being middle class and I could really relate, despite my heterosexual-ness. And their tagline is great… “We’re here, We’re queer and we’re not going shopping without coupons.”

    Also great to see you mention Getting Green and Money, Matter and More Musings. I’ve been RSSing them for a few weeks now and I enjoy them too.

  3. mapgirl says:

    I agree. Queercents is an underappreciated blog. They have some really interesting interviews. Having watched my gay roommates in college eff up their finances before we even graduated, I appreciate that there’s a lot of LGBT folks who know how to TCB. My gay neighbors in CA taught me a lot about wealth accumulation and what was possible even if the world is slightly stacked against you because of who you are.

    Their advice applies to all. Especially the guest post by Tired But Happy regarding unmarried partners and financial planning.

  4. Golbguru says:

    Trent, thanks for the mention. “All cylinders” ..the rate at which you produce some quality output makes me wonder how many cyclinders you got there. :)

    @ Nathania: Thanks, it feels great to find someone talking about my blog on someone else’s blog :)

  5. Thanks for the mention. I just discovered your blog through the mention and I am going to add it to my Google Reader.


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