The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Home Inspection Edition

Today is our home inspection, which I’ll go to this afternoon. I am fairly good with identifying some structural and other problems and I’m pretty confident the inspection will be quite smooth, but I hope to learn some things as well.

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  1. Ted Valentine says:

    Get everything you can out of the inspection. You should get the price of the inspection back at least from little things. If there’s nothing to fix or repair, then either 1) the previous owner is a mechanic of some sort, 2) the inspector isn’t doing a good job.

    Be really sure to have the heating and cooling units thoroughly checked out. The last thing you want is for the A/C to blow a month after you’ve moved in.

    Following the inspector’s report, I highly recommend that you ask for the moon from the owners, even if you can live with it as is. Ask them to fix everything, re-stain the deck, patch the roof, whatever. They can always counter and cut it off at $500 or whatever the limit is. Or they might just fix it all.

  2. Trent says:

    Ted: the previous homeowners left the home in really stellar shape – my expectation is a good handful of small nits which my wife and I will look at and then probably ask for them all to be fixed or else a small cash payment or something like that to cover it. I had a carpenter friend of mine wander through the house a while back and he was very impressed with several little details, so I have a feeling it’ll be good.

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