The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: I Miss Lost Edition

I admit it: my wife and I were pretty bummed out last night at eight o’clock when we realized that, yes, Lost is now on hiatus until February. What will happen to our Lost Wednesdays, when we would put our son to bed, cuddle up on the couch, and try to figure out what exactly is happening on the island? Sigh… on with some financial matters.

8 Habits of Successful Wealth Builders It is extremely impressive that he managed to save 53% of his income in the past year. That’s the type of number that will make a rich person out of someone. (@ 2million)

Generation Y Engulfed in Debt Part of the reason for these numbers is that many people in GenY (ages 17-35) have committed themselves to gigantic debt loads due to education and an absurd housing market, matched with a much slower rate of growth in real wages. The young ones are paying for the spoils of the baby boomers right now. (@ my money forest)

Reward Credit Cards – What’s In My Wallet? This post makes a strong case for the stellar Citi Driver’s Edge credit card, which features a bonus program that makes me rather interested in signing up for the card. I have a thirty mile round trip daily commute, which over two hundred days adds up to 6,000 miles – and this doesn’t include any additional travel. That’s $60 right there. (@ five cent nickel)

Which Laptop Should I Buy? Interestingly, I am also considering a laptop purchase on “Black Friday,” mostly to save space at home and to provide myself with a laptop when I travel (I might also set up wireless). There are a lot of good offers out there. (@ pro bargain hunter)

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