The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: In Rainbows Edition

For those of you unaware, the band Radiohead (which I have faithfully followed since high school) have released their latest album In Rainbows directly on the internet in mp3 form. Most interestingly, there is no set price – you can pay whatever you wish for it. I find this to be a very interesting model, actually – I can’t help but wonder if there isn’t some aspect of it that couldn’t be used for other media online. Anyway…

Yesterday, I Resigned. Will I Ever “Work” Again? I know that if I ever resign from my real job, I’ll likely never work a 9 to 5 again. (@ lazy man and money)

Surviving (And Thriving) On $12,000 A Year I could easily survive on much less than my current income, but it would be very difficult to build for the future. (via consumerism commentary)

Use It Or Lose It: Getting Value From The Things You Own I agree. In fact, last night I made a pledge with regard to my video game collection: I won’t purchase a new game until I’ve defeated (or in the case of games that you don’t really “defeat,” make significant progress on) every game I currently have. In other words, bye bye video game spending and hello enjoying what I have. (@ get rich slowly)

The Simple Dollar Retro: Defining the Middle Class Through Statistics: Upward and Downward Mobility There are a lot of statistical patterns in the people defined as the “middle class” in the United States, and certain factors raise their likelihood of moving up and moving down.

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  1. Ryan says:

    They’re also releasing through one of the major record labels in Janurary. Turns out it’s a marketing ploy.

    Also, the files are only 160KBPS files

  2. Laura says:

    I would love to work for myself instead of working a rigid 9 to 5 schedule. The commute alone is stressful. I wish Lazy Man the best. He’s talented, so I have a good feeling he’ll work a way out.

  3. 42 says:

    I bought the Radiohead album last night for £4. so far I like it but the sound quality is awful. no, terrible. appalling. crusty.

    and I’m far from one of those audiofools.

  4. MegB says:

    If Lazy Man wants to blog for money, I think he needs to master word usage, spelling, and grammar first. That post was full of mistakes.

    One of the reasons I enjoy reading Trent’s blog is because he rarely makes any spelling or grammar mistakes, and if he does he’s quick to fix them.

  5. Carlos says:

    I need to institute your video game rule with books. No more buying (or even borrowing, really) until I finish the ones I already have, of which there are a LOT.

  6. dwlt says:

    You might want to check out, an online record label that pioneered the “pay what you want” model (at least AFAIK).

    I don’t have any connection with them other than really liking some of their artists!

  7. Erin says:

    Trent, here’s the first step to making the move: stop thinking of your “day job” as your “real job.” When you say that, you’re saying the blog and your other business are less important to you. So instead, call the 9-5 your “day job” and then call your blog and other business your home businesses. That will shift your mindset slowly but surely.

  8. guinness416 says:

    Lazyman may make spelling mistakes, but I think he’s one of the few bloggers who can write entertainingly and allow his personality and thought process to come through. The amount of affection with which other bloggers are linking to that post speaks volumes. Blogs aren’t corporate communication. I agree that he’ll be grand.

  9. Josh says:

    With games, go used!

    Are you going to spend time playing something you don’t like just because you bought it? Sell that sucker and use the credit towards another used game.

    I recommend going to local used game shops instead of the mall chain stores. Not only do you get rid of clutter, you get another game for a less than that $50 price tag.

    You can also buy old games that have dropped in price. Check out

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