The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Intensity Edition

I’ve noticed that my life goes through an annual intensity wave, with the peak seeming to always come in March and the low point in August or thereabouts. This seems to happen year in and year out, even with the specific events varying year to year. Strange. Here are a few personal finance articles of note.

Three Tiers of Furniture Quality I actually feel much the same way about furniture – as I grow older, I expect higher quality than the Target special. Note to readers: I am not a fan of IKEA. (@ blueprint for financial prosperity)

Ten Habits To Develop for Financial Stability and Success This is a pretty interesting list. I need to write about the envelope system in detail sometime. (@ zen habits)

Senate Panel Slams Abusive Credit Card Practices I think they should go after the payday lenders first, but those only affect the poor and the poor don’t really matter in Washington. (@ consumer affairs via satellite sky)

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  1. jim says:

    How come you’re not a fan of IKEA? I think some of their stuff is nice but if it needs to bear lots of weight or has a lot of moving parts, I pass on it now.

    I don’t like how, because it’s cheap and cheaply made, their products are becoming so disposable.

  2. eR0CK says:

    “I think they should go after the payday lenders first, but those only affect the poor and the poor don’t really matter in Washington.”

    I don’t feel the Government should go after any of these lenders, especially if the details of the loan/credit are outlined specifically in the fine print.

    I think what’s more important is that we continue to educate US citizens about credit, how to use it, how it works, etc. Adding a class or two to the public high school curriculum would be a good start and would benefit our economy much more then the Government applying fines to big business.

  3. Leo says:

    Thanks for the link to Zen Habits, Trent. Your blog continues to be one of my 2-3 favorite all-time personal finance blogs. You consistently put out high quality stories on a daily basis, and they’re a lot of help. Keep up the great work.

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