The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Joe Joe Edition

My fifteen month old son has taken to referring to himself in the third person as Joe Joe. He enters a room, spreads his arms wide, and shouts “JOE JOE!” Amusing? Narcissistic? You be the judge. On with the personal finance posts.

The Psychology Of Money I don’t believe the psychology, as described in this article, has much to do with money at all. It has to do with feelings of inadequacy in a consumerist society. The “demonstration” of people’s greed was merely a set-up to make them feel inadequate and less prone to be altruistic. (@ cognitive daily)

If you haven’t entered yet, you might want to check out this week’s giveaway, a copy of Jim Cramer’s latest book, Mad Money. Entering is easy – just leave a comment on that post listing your stock of the year for 2007, and you’re entered! The contest ends Friday night, so get clicking!

Also, don’t miss this week’s Festival of Frugality over at Money, Matter, and More Musings.

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  1. LeisureGuy says:

    I don’t agree, FWIW. The findings quoted by Cognitive Daily look pretty convincing to me: first, that people generally wish they had more money than they do (sounds right in my experience); second, that people think they need more for retirement than they probably do; and finally, the experiment seems to me to be pretty well thought out, not a set-up at all. YMMV, obviously, but it looked sound to me.

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