The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Leftover Streak Edition

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I’ve decided to try to see how many days in a row I can eat leftovers for lunch, since I had to break my previous run when we moved. The streak right now is at four. I actually view it as a challenge worth keeping, because my leftovers are always healthier than eating out and cheaper too, but I’m still sorely tempted to eat out with some of my coworkers.

The Co-Op Network: Another Reason To Consider Credit Unions This is yet another reason to seriously consider your local credit union for at least some of your banking needs (aside from the great customer service and the solid interest rates on loans). (@ get rich slowly)

Losing Your Shirt This is fascinating – a clear explanation of the origin of the term “losing your shirt.” (@ my open wallet)

How Are You Building Your Net Worth? An interesting, fundamental look at how an average person can build their net worth. My family’s net worth is actually rather low at the moment, having just incurred a house debt that’s more than the assessed value (a pile of appliances were included, which I’m not including as an asset on my net worth). (@ the digerati life)

The Simple Dollar Retro: PaperBackSwap: An Effective Way To Save Money On Books My wife and I are voracious readers and this tool has saved us a ton of money on our reading habit. For example, my wife recently discovered the novels of Georgette Heyer, and we used PaperBackSwap to order a big pile of them – for free.

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12 thoughts on “The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Leftover Streak Edition

  1. Wouldn’t the appraised value of your house be a more accurate measure of its worth? The assessed value seldom is in line with the actual market value of the house.

  2. Assessed value is not the same as market value. It simply for the local government to apply a tax. I’ve seen assessed values can be as little as half the market value.

  3. Assessed value here is very much in line with a house’s value. They reassess about every three years or so and it gets adjusted to very close to market value.

  4. Are you tempted to eat out by the food, or the company? Here’s one solution for Never Eating Alone that still allows eating leftovers: I sent out an email in my office announcing that I wanted to reinstate a tradition of eating lunch together in the conference room (this happened regularly about 4 years ago when I joined the company but had fallen by the wayside when we landed some big projects and people were eating at their desks more and more). This pretty quickly created a social space for eating lunch that is majority leftover-eaters, with some folks grabbing takeout and bringing it back to the conference room to eat with the rest of us. There are lots of people in the office that never join us, but there’s a core of folks who like to take a social break in the middle of the day — and who know they’re much better cooks than the local fast food restaurants! It also takes no planning/organizing like going out to lunch often does — I just show up at the conference room around noon, and other people will wander in, pretty much guaranteed.

  5. If house prices are falling in your area, do assessed values also fall? Around here we have to fight city hall to get our assessments lowered. The assessors never lower the assessed value because it means the property taxes will be lower and we can’t have that, can we?

  6. Why not just take your leftovers along with when your coworkers go out to eat? Unless they are going some place fancy, it’s not too strange. As an intern, and even into my first real job, I almost always brought my bag lunch from home to lunch as we went to fast food places.

  7. I also read the headline as leftover “steak”!
    Actually that is one of my favorite things to bring as a leftover lunch– cold meat is yummy with a salad.

    Thanks for the mention, as always! I’ll keep trying to feed you stories of crazy NYC overspending!

  8. I’m posessed by an absolute need to get out of the office at lunch, get some sun, be in an environment that’s not entirely artificial. I usually eat my lunch alone in the park. I’m a terrible anti-social person I guess, but it pleases me.

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