The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Long Weekend Letdown Edition

I just spent a three day weekend relaxing and enjoying a large family birthday party for my one year old son. Now it’s back to the grindstone *grumble*. Let’s see what’s out there today…

Buying Books On The Cheap I actually have an even better strategy than this one, and it combines with my interest in volunteerism, too. There are four or five retirement centers in my local area that are just full of people who spend their time reading lots of books. I went to each one and asked them if I could start a “free book exchange” table at each one; they all agreed. On this table, I would put several old books I no longer wanted and said “take books to read – leave books for others to read.” About once a week, I stop by them and always find a few good ones to read, and I return ones I’ve taken before (usually to other homes). Not only do I find lots of good books, I’m helping to make the lives of people in retirement homes better. (@ dogberry patch)

A Very Special Interview … With My Four Year Old Son Hard hitting journalism at its best. (@ blogging away debt)

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