The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Lost Season Finale Edition

The Lost season finale (or midseason finale… or whatever) was underwhelming to say the least. The show seemed to culminate with the second season finale and has just been spinning its wheels this entire season so far. Bleh. Let’s talk about personal finance.

Old Credit Cards Never Die, They Just Fade Away Even if you’ve cancelled a credit card, that card can come back to haunt you. The credit card companies keep extensive data archives, and if just one person with access to that data is careless, your data can be given to anyone. It’s something to consider if you play games with credit card balances. (@ blogging away debt)

How Do You Teach Kids The Value Of Money? I agree with the conclusion here – the only real way to do it is to let them learn through managing some of their own money. The question is logistics: I’m a firm believer in the “allowance in exchange for completed chores” so they get a sense of a payday, and also that they should make their own choices about saving – but with some heavy coaching. (@ get rich slowly)

Hundredaires In The Making I actually believe that this article was written about me and my wife about a year and a half ago. The accuracy is stunning. (@ adventure money)

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