The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Mega Budgeting Weekend

My wife and I spent the weekend drawing up some realistic pictures of what our finances will look like after the home purchase and the birth of our second child. The frugality that we’ve learned in the last year is about to really pay off because, like it or not, our expenses are going to go up drastically in the coming months.

Keeping The Kids Busy Over The Summer: Host Your Own Summer Camp My parents used to do something like this, but it was a week long and they invited all of the kids that lived nearby to participate. Why did they do this? My parents would sneakily trick them into doing chores for them – they would get the garden composted, all of the weeds pulled out of the garden, several meals cooked completely, and so on. One year they had a berry picking contest and wound up with twenty five pounds of blackberries and mulberries. (@ not made of money)

50 Ways To Be Romantic On The Cheap My wife and I work on the “free date” concept a lot – you don’t need to blow $80 on a romantic dinner. Just wait until the kids are in bed, turn the lights down low, light a few candles, turn on some romantic music, and share an ice cream sundae. Works every time. (@ zen habits)

My Mortgage Broker Post Didn’t Sit Well With This Mortgage Broker When you have a popular site, it’s often hard to write anything at all without having someone disagree with you because they had a good experience when you had a bad one or vice versa. At some point, you have to either give up or grow some thick skin. I chose to grow thick skin, and I generally try to leave up comments both positive and negative, but eliminate ones with strong impolite language (which is again tough, as I police hundreds of comments a day). (@ all financial matters)

The Simple Dollar Retro: Is Ripping You Off I’m thinking of a number between $10 and $100. Can you guess what it is? It’s the amount that will be charged to your credit card if you aren’t careful with “free”

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  1. Lucy says:

    RE: Free credit report. com site. I have checked this and other similar sites, but as soon as they ask for my credit card number, I stop immediately. I never know what they will actually charge, but it is certainly not “free” if they are asking for your credit card number.

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