The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Midterm Election Day Edition

If you live in the United States, whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat or an independent, get out and vote today. The next several years are among the most crucial in our nation’s history and you have the power to say whether we should stay the course or change direction. Don’t miss that opportunity and then complain later when the government steers down a different path. With that in mind, here’s this morning’s roundup.

How To Have A Successful Garage Sale These are all useful tips if you’re trying to have a successful suburban garage sale. I particularly agree with the idea of selling beverages and baked goods, but be careful about selling adult beverages because the police tend to frown upon that (even though it makes the garage sale more interesting). Another idea is to park your kid out there and make that adorable little six year old responsible for selling treats. (@ help your money)

Cash Management: Pay Down Your Mortgage Or Not? The answer isn’t as obvious as you might think, though my own “look, I stuck my foot in my mouth!” comment on the post indicates a strong feeling in a certain direction based on some recent napkin calculations. Mostly, it comes down to your personal feelings; there are viable arguments either way. (@ first million at thirty-three)

CNN Money Vs. Blog: Blog Wins I love it when the complete nonsense spouted by the mainstream media is dismantled piece by piece like this. It’s even better when the article drops massive clues that the data they’re using is shortsighted or flawed. It brings me nearly to tears, I tell you, when the article is so obviously “mailed in” by a senior writer at Fortune magazine and it only takes one hobbyist blogger to deconstruct the fallacy. (@ adventure money)

Out-Of-Sync Voting Machine Vs. Out-Of-Sync ATM? Given the huge number of recent voting machine snafus, one has to wonder about the integrity of voting in America. This post asks a good question: would such snafus be acceptable in ATMs? Would a bank allow an ATM to get “out of sync” and thus lose track of receipts, transactions, or dispensed money? Obviously not, but then you have to wonder why the government considers such snafus acceptable in voting machines and continues to buy and use them. I wouldn’t manage my own finances as sloppily as the elections are being handled (@ talking points memo)

Median Net Worths – Are You Ahead Or Behind? I’m ahead in terms of people in my age range (20-29), but that’s more of an indication of how truly dire the financial status of young people is. I spent most of my life doing absolutely atrocious things to my personal finances, yet I’m still above the median? Truly, truly sad. (@ free money finance)

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