The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Money, Matter, and More Musings Edition

This week on the morning roundups (while I’m busily moving), I’m highlighting five of the best posts from five personal finance blogs that I faithfully follow. Today’s site is Money, Matter, and More Musings.

Husband, Does Your Wife Know How To Invest? Wife, Does Your Husband Know How To Pay The Bills?
A nice review of stereotypes of marriage and personal finance, plus some ways to knock down those barriers.

Is It Wise To Quit Your Day Job And Depend On Your Website For Income?
Very solid advice on people who think blogging can suddenly replace their income. It takes a LOT of work to get to the point where this can even happen. Look at all the content posted here at The Simple Dollar – that’s not nearly enough to get me there.

Lifestyle Inflation – When Does It Become A Problem?
A lot of good analysis here; from my perspective, if your lifestyle causes you to spend anywhere close to what you’re bringing in, there’s a problem.

Why Dave Ramsey’s “Drive Free” Theory May Be Flawed OR Why ‘Get Rich Slowly’ May Never Get To “Drive Free”
This is what critical financial analysis is really all about. This article deconstructs Dave Ramsey’s “drive free” idea where you can reach a point where your auto is paid for and essentially drive for free.

Getting Rid Of Your Debt Without Worrying About The Latte Factor
For me, the “latte factor” was psychologically huge – evaluating my daily routines and cutting out the cruft made an enormous difference in my financial life. This article points at another way.

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  1. Enjoyable post about blogging full-time.

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