The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Moving Prep Edition

At the start of next week, we’re closing on the house and moving, so right now is a crazy and chaotic time. We’ve been boxing up stuff, we acquired a copy of all of our documents to be signed at the close and are reading through them (it’s like a book and half of it is pure legalese), and we go to bed exhausted every night. A good exhausted, though.

Your Advice To Your Younger Self My biggest advice: don’t start playing Magic: the Gathering. I spent four years playing that game and although I actually wound up slightly financially ahead for the time I played (I was good at playing in tournaments), the amount of time I spent was not worth it. If I had spent that time investing in a blog… whew! (@ consumerism commentary)

Three Ways To Be Sure You’re Paid What You’re Worth Iowa based bloggers make $28,000 a year according to these tools. Hmm… (@ get rich slowly)

3-6 Months of Living Expenses? There’s something about Julie Rains’ writing style that I just like. I get this feeling that there’s this underlying hint of sarcasm and humor here and there, but the advice is sincere. (@ wise bread)

The Simple Dollar Retro: A Beginners’ Guide To Kitchen Equipment I give into my foodish tendencies here, but for a good reason. Many people get frustrated early on with cooking at home because nothing works, stuff sticks to pans and doesn’t cook evenly, and so on. I laid out a beginner’s guide to good and relatively inexpensive kitchen equipment here for just those people – they want to get started cooking at home, but their pans are atrocious.

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  1. Julie Rains says:

    Thanks for your vote of confidence. I think that (generally) people will make good decisions, appropriate to their financial situations, if they have good information. Any humor is for the pleasure of readers; any sarcasm (though I try to avoid that) is directed solely at the financial pro who speaks condescendingly to clients (e.g., says something like “well everyone knows that….” and then gives canned advice).

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