The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Mushroom Hunting Failure Edition

I spent five hours in the woods today with my digital camera in hand, hoping to capture some pictures for a photo blog of the art of finding mushrooms for eating and selling (you can make $20 a pound with them). Five hours – no mushrooms (well, not entirely true, but none of the mushrooms actually worth talking about). I’ll go back out later this week and see if I have any better luck … *sigh*. Here are some personal finance articles.

Twelve Reasons Why I Will Be Rich This is actually a response to an excellent article at entitled 10 Reasons You Aren’t Rich. Read them both. (@ lazy man and money)

Smoke and Mirrors of the Middle Class: Credit is Slavery This article tries desperately to lay the “blame” for the lack of basic personal finance skills in America at the feet of the Republican Party. The truth is that education is to blame: modern education actually does a very good job of teaching students a variety of subjects, but it is very weak on fundamental life skills like personal finance management, and both parties are to blame for that. (@ corrente wire)

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  1. db says:

    I thought that smoke and mirrors article was pretty interesting — I don’t agree with some things but I also think there are some good points raised. (And I’m pretty middle of the road with the willingness to be cynical about both parties.)

    I particularly raised my head at this insightful comment. I think to a degree it can extend to the use and abuse of other forms of credit too — for example I see myself reflected here in a significant way:

    “People don’t just get lousy or risky mortgages because they are stupid or greedy- they get them because the only way to have money when you don’t have any is to play roulette with your credit.”


  2. Zee says:

    Don’t loose faith. We went out last Thursday and picked a pound and a half, but then left for a weekend camping trip Friday morning and forgot to properly store them, ie we left them sitting out on the table in a bag. =(

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