The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: My Least Favorite Thing About TV Playoff Baseball Coverage Edition

Dane Cook’s annoying commercials in which he shouts, “This is October!” I don’t know who the target demographic is for this ad, but my 13 year old nephew dislikes them, I dislike them, and my father dislikes them. Who are these things supposed to appeal to? Dane Cook’s alright, I suppose, but these ads do little to make baseball seem good.

Does FoodSaver Save You Money? My wife and I just use gallon freezer Ziploc bags over and over – they work like a charm. (@ lazy man and money)

Irrational Incandescence Do you want to see the reason why I keep talking about changing your bulbs to CFLs? The Economist explains it all. (@ the economist)

Planning Your Collegiate Finances Collegiate financial planning is something every college-bound student should be taught in high school. It’s a shame that’s not the case. (@ we’re in debt)

How to Best Handle Old Credit Card Accounts A lot of good tips here, some of which seem to oppose “common sense” but actually work in the credit world. (@ consumerism commentary)

The Simple Dollar Retro: My Kitchen Bookshelf Ever wondered what resources I use to learn kitchen techniques and find recipes? Here’s the list.

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  1. Interesting chart at the Economist. I’m working at replacing the bulbs, slowly, but maybe I should also jump on that insulation project I’ve been considering. It seems pricey on the surface, but it could help my house and help save the world. :)

  2. Lazy Man says:

    The first two hundred Frank TV ads on TBS were fine with me. It’s the last six hundred that made it my least favorite part of the playoffs.

  3. Lloyd says:

    As a fan of the game, I think Dane Cook’s commercials do a great job of capturing the essence of the postseason. October is what I live for in terms of sports. Those Frank commercials on the other hand….Shoot me, please.

  4. Brett says:

    Fluorescent and incandescent lights aren’t perfect substitutes, which means it’s not necessarily “irrational” to prefer incandescents just because they’re more expensive. In particular, retail stores tend to prefer incandescent lights, because they make their merchandise look and sell better.

    Personally, I use both, depending on the application, and there’s a very clear difference in color quality.

  5. Dana says:

    Regarding CFLs: fluorescent light is a known migraine trigger. Some of us sticking with incandescent bulbs have a legitimate reason for doing so, and it’s really frustrating to hear over and over how unreasonable we are being. I’m not “going green” at the price of blinding pain and nausea 24/7.

  6. laura k says:

    I have some of my lights on timers and/or light sensors. One of the ones with a sensor does not turn on CFLs, perhaps because it’s close to 20 years old. (Incidentally, since it also happens to be attached to the lamp that the cats knock over at least a couple times/year, I’ve decided it’s better for the environment and my wallet to have to replace broken incandescent rather than CF bulbs.)

  7. !wanda says:

    @Dana: Try newer fluorescent bulbs. Old fluorescent bulbs, with magnetic ballasts, flicker at 120Hz; you can’t detect the flicker consciously, but it can still affect you. This kind is probably the type that gives you headaches. Newer bulbs have electronic ballasts, and the body can’t detect them flickering. They are associated with much less eyestrain and headache and are also more energy-efficient. Most CFLs sold today are of this type. It’s worth a try, and you might be pleasantly surprised.

  8. Matt says:

    I’ve been keeping the remote in my hand and quickly hitting the “MUTE” button during the commercials this year.

    I’m not really sure who Dane Cooks audience is either, and I just had this conversation with two other people within the last week. I can’t find anyone that likes him.

    Here’s a link to a sportwriter complaining about TBS’s coverage this year. So you’re not alone, Trent.

  9. Keter says:

    @Dana and !wanda – the new ones still give me headaches and eye pain. I have enough trouble because I am on a computer 10+ hours a day; my monitors are set at 90Hz (highest they will go) and I still see flicker.

  10. Kat says:

    Ooh, I hate those Dan Cook commercials too. And they have been on for months.
    Switching your bulbs doesn’t mean you are “going green”. You need to do a lot more than just switching your bulbs to go green.
    I can’t use them either, Keter, and actually had to leave a job because they wouldn’t change the lighting near me.

  11. Steve W says:

    Between the steriods, Barry Bonds, asterisk-statistics (astertistics?), canceling the 94 World Series, lack of revenue-sharing, artificial turf, meaningless inter-league play, and the DH — between all that, baseball has a lot bigger problems than Dane Cook. I quit on it years ago.

  12. Nate says:

    Dane Cook is probably a 18-25 demographic, which is probably what TBS is targeting. I am 23 and enjoy Dane Cook, I do like the commercials though the ‘one october’ slogan bugs me and I just say there’s one next year too.

  13. Jeremy says:

    Go Rockies!

    I’ll be fair and say I’m not normally a baseball fan. I’ve watched a few World Series games, but none of the LDS or LCS before. But I’m a CO native and I’ve jumped on the Rockies bandwagon.

    I despise all commercials. It’s a lot each month, but I definitely enjoy my dual-tuner HD DVR.

  14. Trent K. says:

    I’m 18 and I can’t stand Dane Cook.

    I think baseball playoffs are more likely to be watched by the same people, watching almost every game, rather than a bunch of different people watching one or two games.

    I’m one of the people who likes watching baseball so i’m sick of seeing the same commercials.

  15. Pam says:

    I hate the color of compact fluorescents, I feel like I am in the dark. I even prefer clear bulbs to soft white because the light is a little sharper. Reveal (trademark) bulbs are even better but I use them only a few places because it seems too extravagant to pay for premium lightbulbs. Halogen bulbs I like a lot–they are a much whiter light–but the energy savings are much less and they are less available in stores because of the safety issues.

    Are there any compact flourescents that are whiter light? Higher wattage doesn’t do it for me, the room still seems dark because the color of the light is so grey.

    Years ago I also saw a figure that turning fluorescents on and off uses much more energy, so they only save energy if you leave them on for at least an hour. Is this still true?

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