The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: My New Laptop Edition

My laptop arrived yesterday evening. I’m busily, happily putting together all of my particular tweaks and software installs to make it just right.

California Professionals Dine Out Of Dumpsters I did this when I was in college, actually, but it seems a little much to do this as a professional. (via everybody loves your money)

From Buy-And-Sell to Buy-And-Hold The interesting part about this is how clear it is that some lessons were learned over the four years of trading. It’s almost like watching a child grow up. (@ the sun’s financial diary)

Personal Politics Vs. The Blogosphere Should someone link to someone else if they don’t agree with their politics, but find other info on the site useful? I say yes; the real question is whether the other blog is being intellectually honest or not. (@ vanquishing my debt)

Spontaneity, Suprises, and the Joint Account If you share a joint account but still want surprises, each person should have a rainy day fund. It’s a great way to budget and still be spontaneous. (@ make love not debt)

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