The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Nancy Sinatra Edition

So named because I listened to two different Nancy Sinatra records last night while browsing personal finance sites. On with the show…

Costs Of A Long-Distance Relationship “$278: Average total amount long-distance couples spend a month to keep love alive.” As this article points out, $278 is often on the low end of things. How much does a relationship have to cost you before you either move or decide it’s not worth it? (@ my open wallet)

The Year-End Personal Finance Moves You Should Make These are ten excellent tips, but I’ve got one more: give yourself a Christmas present. I have a very secret “armageddon / big secret surprise” fund that I’ve started that I have not told even my wife about, using money out of my budgeted “entertainment and dining out” money for the month. I’m going to put a bonus amount in there as my Christmas gift to myself. Consider socking a little something extra away for that rainy day. (@ free money finance)

Also, there are only three days left to get in on The Simple Dollar’s giveaway of a copy of The Millionaire Next Door. All it takes to enter is a simple email to me (or a blog post) containing an idea for The Simple Dollar, so what do you have to lose?

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