The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: New Bed Edition

Yesterday, we transitioned our son from a crib to a twin bed. He loves it. The sheets are covered in race cars and the headboard has shelves in it so his copy of Goodnight Moon is always near at hand. It has dresser drawers underneath him and best of all, his footboard has a small door in it. What’s behind the door? A little space behind the drawers that is already becoming his favorite place to be. It’s amazing to watch children explore and grow.

What’s Your Frugal Obsession? Mine is food, if you haven’t figured it out. I try really hard to find a balance of amazing food for a cheap price and I love to cook at home. (@ wise bread)

6 Financial Decisions – Don’t Learn The Hard Way A great breakdown of three terrible decisions and three good decisions. I think the bad ones are good in a way – they teach you lessons that you don’t forget. (@ gather little by little)

What Would You Do With A Million Dollars? I’d pay off every debt we have (student loans and home), then every every remaining dime into my portfolio, then keep living as I am now while my wife and I decide what our long term choices would be. We’d likely eventually build a home in the country, then sell our current home. Oh, and I’d probably switch to doing The Simple Dollar (or something like it) full time. (@ money smart life)

The Simple Dollar Retro: Overcoming a Sudden Strong “Bad Spending” Impulse This is a battle that I fight often.

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  1. We’re just about to move our two year old to a bed. We’re looking for the best deal on a mattress & box springs because we have a frame. Did you buy a whole set, or is this something that you were able to get used somewhere?

  2. Todd says:

    Ah, Goodnight Moon. We read that to my son pretty much every night for the first year of his life. He seems bored with it now, at 13 months, but he loves “Cuddle” and “Color Kittens”.

  3. tina says:

    also interested in finding out more about this bed! Do you have manufacturer/model no?

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