The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: No Creative Ideas Edition

No creative title today… it is a boring day. Except for the following interesting posts, of course.

Dreading My Next Financial Talk I have a niece in almost exactly the same situation as the girl described here: a frighteningly high-maintenance type who believes that money grows on trees. These seem to be good guideposts, but the problem is that there is no ramifications for them yet if they just “spend it all” as my niece is prone to do. I’ll have to think about that one. (@ divorce to financial freedom)

The 100 Most Influential Books This is a list of one man’s view of the 100 most influential books in stock market trading. I consider these to be a subset of personal finance books, so there are actually a couple on this list that I’ll be discussing on The Simple Dollar in the next year. (@ the kirk report)

Ten Most Reliable Cars Two things to note here: one, we’re discussing buying a minivan, and this Consumer Reports mention of the Pontiac Vibe as a reliable one is a big mark in its favor; and two, I really really want to get a subscription to Consumer Reports again. My father used to subscribe to it when I was younger and I remember reading it as a child, but now I really appreciate how good of a magazine it really is. (@ five cent nickel)

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