The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Patience Edition

Our home closes in early July. I must learn patience.

Six Great Free Alternatives To Quicken and MS Money A good list, just be careful if you use a web-based tool to manage your finances. Read the privacy policy carefully and be sure you’re willing to give that company the financial information. (@ zen habits)

Are We Living Larger Or Living Differently? This is a pretty good debunking of most of the common statements about how Americans today “live larger” than they used to. Mostly, it’s a change in philosophy. (@ lazy man and money)

In Defense of Buying: Our Housing Situation Explained This person is just starting to get around to the idea of buying a home – they feel a lot like we did in about January or February. (@ my money blog)

The Simple Dollar Retro: How To Read A Mutual Fund Prospectus A solid little article about how to actually investigate a mutual fund without numbing your mind.

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  1. Ted Valentine says:

    Early July eh? Did you get “prepaids” included with your closing costs? You’re looking at paying almost a whole month’s worth of interest at closing, or about $500 for every thousand you borrow. The good news is your 1st mortgage payment won’t be due until September 1.

  2. Ted Valentine says:

    ack – “hundred” thousand

  3. GHoosdum says:

    I think learning patience won’t be the problem here – you have a great plan in place, and now you’ll probably be scrambling like mad to line up everything and finish detail planning. I think you’ll have fun with it. ;)

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