The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Post-Borat Edition

Here are some of the gems I found stumbling around the internet this morning after a crazy weekend in which I saw Borat … more on that later, though. Let’s get to the goodies.

I Call BS; The Worst Investment Advice I’ve Ever Seen provides a detailed and very specific critique of the, uh, suboptimal investment offerings of Lamont Trading Advisors. In short, you pay them 1% so that they can “invest” your money for you in treasury notes – in other words, you pay them 1% for a free service. I hear Tom Sawyer is having a lot of fun with that whitewash. (@ experiments in finance)

Did I Just Waste $50 On Firewood? Yes, you did just waste $50 on firewood. Firewood is a net energy loss if used in a normal fireplace and only a slight gain if used in a dedicated fire stove, like the one my old man used to heat his garage in the winter. We used to chop wood with our bare hands walking both ways uphill to school, sonny, none of this spending $50 for a dab of firewood on that newfangled Craigslist. Y’hear? (@ my money blog)

I Don’t Think The Wall Street Journal Gets It. I don’t think they get it either, my friend. They want three figures for the same investment information you can get all over? What a rip-off! Get with the program, WSJ … there are plenty of good writers giving away their writing on the internet. Oh… wait… that wasn’t your complaint about the Wall Street Journal? (@ all things financial)

The Eight Best And Worst Money Moves You Can Make Much like announcing to the world that Rosebud is a sled, Enough Wealth reveals this deep, dark secret behind personal finance: it’s not one-size-fits-all. Good article, but a memo to Enough Wealth: kindly don’t bury your content between two solid pages of advertisements. Everyone would like to make a dollar or two from their blog, but I felt like Ned Beatty going down the river in Deliverance by the time I found my way down to the actual content. (@ enough wealth)

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  1. Ralph Morgan says:

    I didn’t know whether to feel deeply wounded or laugh out loud at your deliverance comment! Seriously though, the template I chose (or maybe it’s just something I dide to it by mistake) means that, apart from the title of the post, all “content” only appears AFTER my side bar ends! So, rather than leave lots of white space at the top, I’ve filled it with my NetworthIQ graph (and some ads)…

    I think I’ll have to give my template a major overhaul as soon as blogger migrates me over to “beta”…

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