The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Post Christmas Letdown Edition

Exhale. Christmas is over for another year. Just get through New Year’s and it’s back to the old grind. Let’s read some personal finance news to tide us over.

Exploring The Climax Scene of Trading Places Popular culture meets sound investment planning. I like it. (@ wisebread)

Make January’s Mortgage Payment Early Good advice, but the guy claims this will save him $1,500 on his tax bill. That’s basically ludicrous unless he lives in a mansion. I think he meant that it will reduce his taxable income by about $1,500. (@ making our way)

How to Save Money on Laundry This is a collection of thoughtful ideas on how to save on a common task. For me, the big savings will occur when I move from this apartment and get my own washer and dryer instead of the community one that eats quarters. (@ binary dollar)

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3 thoughts on “The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Post Christmas Letdown Edition

  1. Josh says:

    Re: January payment.

    You’re probably right that the author misspoke. But you also probably don’t live in California where the median home price is $550,000, meaning you’d only need a relatively nice home in a relatively nice neighborhood and a bad credit score pushing your interest rate up to make the math at least possible.

  2. makingourway says:

    Josh is right. If you had my mortgage, you, too, would also be able to deduct the mortgage interest and property taxes. Actually, I went into Quicken and calculated the exact amount – it’s closer to $1200. Still not that far away.

    I have a $500k house in rural NC – for that area, it’s not quite a mansion – those cost $700k – >$1M. But a prosperous IL suburb – $800k is the walking in price. Plus they pay $15k in property tax – that’s $6k per month (with modest downpayment).


    PS Thanks for the reference though – and I appreciate your checking my numbers – keeps me accurate.

  3. rodgerlvu says:

    thanks. you are the most intelligent person i ever met…

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