The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Post-Super Bowl Edition

I predicted an Indianapolis win on Friday, and an Indianapolis win happened on Sunday. Thus, I’m quite happy.

Also, the winner of my giveaway of Jim Cramer’s book Mad Money was Dorky Dad, who picked NovaStar Financial (NFI) as his stock of the year. Congratulations!

Given that I already posted a boatload of links in today’s Carnival of Personal Finance, I merely refer you to the editor’s choice section there for the best of today’s links.

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  1. Antonio says:

    So Trent, you were right on a 50-50 proposition (for someone who would know nothing about football) and actually you picked the side that had Vegas behind it, making it less impressive.

    Then, today you mention how you are “quite happy” with your correct pick; yet, you ignored the fact that your score was off for each team (and off plenty for the Bears) and that it did not come down to the last drive of the game.

    I am glad to see you use more logic for your articles than the rationale for being happy on such an unimpressive set of predictions!

  2. Trent Trent says:

    I’m happy because I won several small even-up prop bets with Bears fans. I’m far from a football expert.

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