The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Posting Schedule And Other Changes Edition

After reading the multitude of comments on my Should I Slow Down? thread from yesterday, I am ready to announce a number of changes to the posting schedule at The Simple Dollar.

First, on regular weekdays, I am moving from six to four posts a day. The general consensus seems to be that I should slow the rate down a little bit but not significantly, so I’ll do just that. That way, my crazy fans who visit the homepage multiple times a day will still have lots of juice to read.

Second, I am going to compress the “52 Books in 52 Weeks” book reviews. Instead of spreading the review out over an entire week, I will basically just write one long single review of a book and post it on Fridays. For those of you who were overwhelmed by the daily book reviews, you’ll probably be happy about this change – for you, it will almost seem like the posting schedule hasn’t changed at all except for the removal of the daily book review piece.

Third, on weekends, I will only post twice a day instead of the regular three times. This goes along with the overall slowdown in the posting schedule.

Fourth, I am going to launch a personal productivity blog. I was originally working on a blog on the topic of blogging, but it was really clear in the comments that a personal productivity blog was preferred, plus there is more overlap between personal finance and personal productivity than there is between personal finance and blogging. Why make them separate? I know based on earlier reader survey that there is a significant portion of the readership here who does not want to read significant material on personal productivity issues.

These changes will start on Saturday, as I basically have the rest of this week plotted out carefully. The productivity blog will come along in a month or two once I develop the concept a little more.

Now, are we finally ready for some personal finance posts?

Surviving Paycheck to Paycheck? You Can Still Start Saving “I can’t afford it!” is nothing more than an excuse to start saving. There are so many ways to trim fat from your budget that you can afford it. (@ brokeass student)

The Simple Dollar Retro: A One Day Commitment Some people have a hard time committing to serious financial changes, so instead of making a long term commitment that you can’t follow through on (like many people do with diets), instead try a one day commitment to changing your spending habits. This was a very powerful technique for me to use in breaking my early spending habits.

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  1. Anne says:

    I didn’t comment on the post that asked opinions about these, but these are all the options that I like ;)

  2. Gerard says:

    There’s a need for yet another personal productivity blog? There’s TONS of them that are doing a very good job. The need for bloggers to constantly jump on and off the “hot-topic-of-the-month” is narcissistic and counter-productive (pardon the pun). Spread yourself thin and it shows. Stick with your meat and potatoes and do it better than anyone else – you gain respect.

  3. Trent Trent says:

    Gerard: I might gain “respect” by posting so much a day, but many of my readers have flat-out told me that they want me to slow down. My solution is to start another blog – and a personal productivity blog is, again, something directly requested by the readers. So that’s what I’ll do.

  4. jasonjemse says:

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  6. ememjammer says:

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