The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Proposal Progress Edition

The proposal is pulling together really well. At this point, I’m going to show it to a couple people and ask for input, polish it a bit, and then ship it out. I’m really happy with where this is going. Now for some personal finance resources…

The Good Stuff: Choosing Quality Over Price As I’ve said many times, frugality is not about buying the cheapest stuff all the time – that’s being a cheapskate. Frugality is about maximizing your dollar, and buying the cheapest often doesn’t do that. (@ get rich slowly)

Ben Stein’s Column Archives A huge archive of columns by my favorite personal finance writer. If you dig in, be prepared to stick around for a while. (@ yahoo finance)

A First Look At Asset Allocation This is a great resource on the fundamentals of how to allocate your assets. (@ the digerati life)

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One thought on “The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Proposal Progress Edition

  1. Thanks for featuring my post here, Trent! Congratulations on your book proposal by the way! You got your hands full I’m sure, but nothing than a writing exercise like this to challenge you :). I’ll be in line to read your book for sure!

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