The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Queercents Edition

This week on the morning roundups (while I’m busily moving), I’m highlighting five of the best posts from five personal finance blogs that I faithfully follow. Today’s site is Queercents.

Leasing Vs. Buying: The Car Debate Continues
I would never, ever lease a car – it just doesn’t make sense to me – but the issue is debated quite well here.

When Do You Need A Financial Planner?
My answer to this question is “never,” but this article makes a pretty good case for a different perspective.

Not-So-Starving Artist: 4 Tricks
Most of these apply to many side businesses that anyone might take up. I saw my blogging hobby/business echoed all over the place here.

Answering The Question: Should I Go To Graduate School?
I’m considering this right now, actually – an MBA is floating around in my head. This article seems to try to nudge me in that direction.

Build A Business While Keeping Your Day Job
Another article that speaks directly to my current experiences – I work very hard balancing my real job, my life, and my side businesses. I often end the day completely spent, but I know I’m building an incredible foundation for the future.

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  1. guinness416 says:

    Here is a good link with “should I get an MBA” discussion (queercents is great, but I don’t think that link was very good, would have been better from somebody who’d gone through with it):

    I considered it too. What ultimately made me decide not to was not just the cash (although that certainly factored in) but the time investment for classes, studying, networking, etc. In talking to people who’d gone for it this was something they emphasized – that they really enjoyed the course (at a brand-name university) but be prepared to have less time for social, family and personal commitments for the duration.

    Having made that decision I talked to my boss at the time and he emphasized that to do business development etc at a higher level in the company, an MBA was certainly not required – make sure you discuss your goals with people “in the know” in your chosen field. I made it to a six-figure income without one, so I’m glad I didn’t waste the time/cash.

  2. Planning ahead says:

    I started reading PF blogs after I hired a financial planner and was wondering whether that was a good decision. We’ve been really happy with them so far.

    We decided hire a financial planner and a CPA when we got married after we realized we wouldn’t have the knowledge to manage a company IPO which is likely to happen. We wanted to get people in place ahead of time and this gives us a few years to figure out who we like and trust.

  3. Robert says:

    I am currently in the MBA program of a state school in my area. The cost is actually rather low. I’m thinking less than 15k after everything is said and done. Residency helps a lot with that cost.

    When I decided to get my MBA, I talked to some other people who had their MBA. One of the best pieces of advice I got while considering it was from a co-worker of mine (IT in a division of a large corporation) who has his MBA.

    “I am glad I got my MBA. Does it help me understand computer networks better and help me in most individual tasks? No. But, it makes me a more well-rounded person and helps me understand the business. So when I go help someone in accounting, I better understand where they are coming from and with that perspective, it does help me do my job”

    That was the advice that clinched the decision for me.

    My long term goals are to eventually work in the family business, so and MBA will definitely prepare me for that. It will also help me here and now.

  4. Laura says:

    Tell me, what is reading Queercents like for you as a straight guy? As a queer person, I find it a good site overall, but the main reason it stays in my rss reader is because of the identity thing.

  5. Sharon says:

    Oddly enough, as a heterosexual woman…who is single, I LIKE the site. Without toughing the whole “Marriage for gays” issue, I find that there is often precious little financial info geared for a single person in her 40′s. What? no husband? What, no children? And many more gays are in the legal single state I am in. There are issues like, I can’t think that my kids will help me if I get into a bind when I am older. I don’t have a legal spouse who needs to deal with my finances …etc.

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