The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Reader Teasing Edition

A reader wrote to me recently basically offering me an unbelievable deal on my long lusted after KitchenAid stand mixer. Since then, I’ve not heard a word from this person after really getting my hopes up. Was it a joke? Who knows?

Money Mistakes: That Old Black Magic I strongly identify with this article. I’ve attended exactly one tournament since getting my financial house in order. I happened to win it and sell the cards I won to make a profit, but without that victory, it would have been a financially painful day. It’s very fun but just far too expensive to enjoy. (@ get rich slowly)

The Financial Benefits Of Siesta I’m glad someone besides me sees that naps are incredibly valuable in terms of real dollars. (@ queercents)

The Weak US Dollar And How The World Is Pwning Us This article is odd – it laments the weak dollar but also points out a benefit of it – most of our prices really are cheap compared to the rest of the world. (@ the digerati life)

The Simple Dollar Retro: The Essential Personal Productivity Bookshelf: Ten Books That Helped Me Transform From A Lazy Slob Into An Organized Parent And Professional This is a rather quirky list of good books for really developing yourself. I often find self-help books to be trashy, but these are ones that really helped me out – some in unusual ways.

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  1. On siestas: I grew up on siestas — oh wait. That’s when I had to take naps all the way till I was 8. ;)

    On the dollar: I see how you can get mixed points out of the US dollar article. I guess my take here was to show the psychological effect of the poor dollar on myself (as an example): since I don’t see the same phantom savings that my tourist friends do, then I feel less inclined to spend. And traveling? Not for me at this time! At the personal level, I don’t see a benefit to a weak dollar as it has an inflationary effect. At the macro level, cheaper dollars are stimulative for our economy, but if unchecked, can lead to inflation (which can then trigger recession). This global imbalance concerns me.

    As for your self-help reading list, I’m going to have to check those out. If there’s something that can make me more productive, I’ll take it!

  2. Paula H. says:

    On the Kitchen Aid….I’ve had mine for over 10 years and it is by far the best investment I’ve ever made in my kitchen. I use it on average of 4 to 6x per week. The prices have always remained steady on them but I would highly recommend one. I purchased the model with the 5qt bowl instead of the 4qt pedestal model. Once you purchase it, you’ll wonder how you lived without it for so long:)

  3. Artemisia says:

    I do hope you find a way to get your Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer. I saved up and bought one five years ago, and it may be the single best purchase I’ve ever made. I use it at least once a week and often more than that. It makes the task of making homemade bread so much easier. I stick to eating homemade bread (SO MUCH healthier and less expensive) because the mixer makes such easy work of it.

    It also makes the holiday cookie marathon much easier to bear!

    My sister has my mother’s Kitchen Aid stand mixer. My mother used hers at least weekly to make bread, etc., and now my sister uses it all the time. That mixer has at least 30 years on it and is still running smoothly and dependably.

  4. Louise says:

    Dear other readers, I am not the tease.
    Dear Trent, factory-reconditioned onyx black, chrome, and empire red are all $150. Not bad, not bad:

  5. Amy K says:

    RE: Kitchenaid,

    For what it’s worth, I got mine on eBay and even after shipping (And it’s heavy, so shipping was pricey!) it was a great deal used.

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