The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Rubio’s Makes Good Fish Tacos Edition

My readers were right: Rubio’s is a good place to get fish tacos in San Diego.

Also, one other note: I’ve decided to go ahead with the “ten books that changed my life” series, but I’m going to do it in a way that won’t take away from the personal finance content. The series is going to run over ten weeks, starting this Sunday with an introductory post and then the first entry. So, if this sounded exciting to you, the series will start on Sunday; if it didn’t sound very good to you, well, it’s one post a week and it’s an “extra” post, meaning you won’t lose any personal finance related content for it (even though all of the books actually do have some connection to personal finance).

With that said, here are some great personal finance blog entries.

So Where Do You Keep Your Money? Hint: it’s not under the mattress. (@ my two dollars)

Overlooking International Investments Could Prove Costly I agree with this idea quite a bit, and in fact right now I’m saving up to buy into an international small cap mutual fund. (@ generation x finance)

The High Cost of Pet Care There’s another cost for me. We have two cats and they stress me out a lot. I am very uncomfortable around them, but my wife and son both adore them, so I kind of tolerate it as best I can. (@ queercents)

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  1. Jeremy says:

    Thanks for the mention. Although I can safely say that I’ve never had a fish taco before, nor does it even sound good. What kind of fish do they use?

  2. Erica says:

    A negative review of a book could be as interesting (if not more interesting) than a positive one. I haven’t read this book but have heard about it.

    I would love to hear your views on it.

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