The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Scrubs Reruns Edition

I’ve been watching reruns of Scrubs while visiting personal finance sites. I usually don’t watch television too much, but for some reason I wanted something besides music as background noise this evening. Scrubs is basically the only live action sitcom on television right now that I enjoy, and watching old episodes puts a smile on my face. Onto the personal finance goodies…

Is Trustworthy? has always intrigued me, but has seemed to be incredibly risky – you’re loaning money to people who are outside the typical lending cycle for some reason or another. This post somewhat addresses those concerns, but it really comes down to Prosper’s philosophy in general, which makes me uncomfortable as a potential investor. (@ blogging away debt)

Why I Don’t Write Paper Checks I only write a single paper check each month as a payment to my landlord who won’t accept any electronic payment. Of course, she’s only lost that check multiple times in the last year. That’s scary, and also annoying because I’ve had to set up check blocks with my blank. (@ blueprint for financial prosperity)

Top 25 Web 2.0 Apps for Money, Finance, and Investment A nice list of websites to try out if you like nifty web apps and you like personal finance. It even includes Wesabe, which I criticized (and was criticized for criticizing) not too long ago. (@ your credit advisor)

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