The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: See The World Edition

Go snag this mp3 of the song See The World by the band Gomez. It’s a very mellow pop song from one of my favorite albums in a long time. You’ll be glad you did – trust me.

Net Worth Comparison Tool Median net worth for your income is $400. Good, I beat that. Median net worth for your income is … ! So… should we average these numbers or something? (via frank the financially savvy atheist)

Suze Orman Doesn’t Think Anyone Can Afford Anything I think that Suze wants people to be conservative with their money, which isn’t a bad thing. I mean, I shouldn’t be buying a $2,000 TV either. (@ penny foolish)

Average Goldman Sachs Employee Makes $622,000 They pay the best to get the best. Many people have been pointing out the greed that seems to appear here, but I see it as Goldman compensating their talent very well – and based on how well Goldman Sachs is doing, they’re doing something right. (via lazy man and money)

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  1. frank says:

    Median net worth for my age-range is $400. Not sure if I’m suppose to average those two numbers or not? Maybe we should.

  2. matt says:

    The median net worth of my age is $400 and the median net worth for my income is $1100.

    I’ve got both beat.

    But I have bought a $1,300 tv :(

  3. ruthie says:

    It looks like the “net worth average for your age” is $400 from 0 years old to 34 years old… at 35 it jumps to $44,875. Seems to me that that might be an oversight or a mistake or some kind of skewed data (like maybe a lot of people 0-18 having $0 net worth and people in their 20s and 30s having negative net worth due to student loans and stuff?)

    NetworthIQ has some similar statistics, although I am sure that they are skewed too since they are based on user data which may or may not be accurate and other factors like people using the site may be extra financially saavy or tracking their journey to positive net worth… see

  4. rodgerlvu says:

    thanks. you are the most intelligent person i ever met…

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