The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Sign That Your Daycare Is A Good One Edition

Last night, I stopped to pick up my son at daycare. Just as I was about to walk into the “toddler” room, I saw my son trip and fall over his own feet – he’s doing this a lot right now as he’s trying to learn how to run. It was a pretty rough fall, as he tumbled head over heels, and he immediately began to cry. The lady in his room immediately went over to him, got down nearly to his level and said in a consoling voice, “Joe, are you hurt?” Once it was clear that he wasn’t hurt, she gave him a big smile and helped him back to his feet. In other words, almost exactly what I would have done. Things like that make me feel a lot better about sending my child to a relatively expensive daycare. On with some personal finance news.

Which Should You Choose: Joint or Separate Finances? This is a very complex choice for many couples, and there is no real right answer. This article, though, does a great job of moving through the pros and cons of both options – if you’re struggling with this issue yourself, this article is a must-read. (@ get rich slowly)

Giving Your Child The Gift Of A Down Payment Not a direct lump sum, but providing them with housing and board after college while they get going on their first job, pay off student loan debt, and start saving for that down payment. If the child has the right mentality, this seems brilliant. (@ daily cents)

The Implications of Card Giving My solution to this quandary was simple. I just bought a ton of blank cards and for birthdays, I wrote a sentimental note inside in my own handwriting offering best wishes. Far, far cheaper and more personal, too. (@ well heeled)

The Simple Dollar Retro: What Financial Information Sources Do You Truly Trust? I’m always a fan of doing more research before you make a move, but what sources can you truly trust? Here’s my five cents on the topic.

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  1. chris says:

    Quick Book Suggestion: The Richest Man in Babylon, but get it on CD and put it on your iPod, never delete it. One of the BEST books I have ever read (listen to)

    It is over 35 years old

  2. Anne says:

    I do the same with cards. The card market is ridiculous! I just got a box of 50 blank cards (about $9) and when an occasion comes up I just draw something on the outside and write something nice on the inside. No one could complain. Also saves on the time and stress of buying a card each time because “oh crap, tomorrow is mom’s birthday!”

  3. Mitch says:

    If you have rubber-stamp aficionados in your circle, get together to borrow ideas and stamps. You can return the favor in some other way. Only problem: you may not want to give away your creations!

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