The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Sleepless In Iowa Edition

A bad case of insomnia has struck me at a very bad time – and the worst part is that I’m so tired I can’t write very well…. anyway, here are some people who can write well.

Building A Personal Finance Library: 25 of the Best Books About Money This is a pretty strong list of good personal finance books. Eventually my 52 Books series will have a conclusion something like this. (@ get rich slowly)

Monthly Money Flow It’s scary to me, when I look back on it, how out of control my monthly money flow really was. Money would come in and go out of my life and just simply get thrown to the wind because I had no grasp on it. (@ no credit needed)

A Job Quitter’s Primer: 15 Ways To Resign One big tip: I think it’s generally useful to always keep a big binder full of the knowledge you’ve accumulated at work. This is a great thing to pass on and is also a very slick way to sever ties. (@ the digerati life)

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  1. Hi Trent! I hope you finally got your rest! I have this friend who can get by with 3 or 4 hours sleep every night and I envied him because I thought he was able to extend his productivity for longer periods of time thus “living” more of life. Maybe it’s not true and the extra hours awake may not really be productive hours….? Anyway hope you got some restorative sleep and will be resuming your blistering pace. Thanks for the reference to my job primer!

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