The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Suze Orman Reaction Edition

Over the weekend, personal finance guru Suze Orman came out of the closet. While I applaud her courage, I personally don’t care too much – personal finance advice is personal finance advice, regardless of your personal preferences, at least in my eyes. However, as with any social issue, you can learn a lot about society in general by reading various responses to this news, and given that Suze has such a high profile in the personal finance world, her announcement actually crosses over into the particular interests of The Simple Dollar. So, today I’m highlighting some of my favorite posts on this news from around the blogosphere. Some of these also incorporate some very interesting personal finance insights.

Suze Orman Doesn’t Care About Money This was probably my favorite of the bunch. Here’s why: “Ignore the first three paragraph, they’re just gossip drivel where they mention that she has a female life partner and has never been with a man (as if that has any bearing on her credibility when it comes to personal finance advice, I have a female life partner, I’ve never been with a man, and you all still read my blog).” Instead, this article finds something else to criticize in the article. (@ blueprint for financial prosperity)

Suze Orman For The Young, Fabulous, and Gay An interesting take that basically states that Suze stayed in the closet so long because it was beneficial to her earning power. In other words, money trumps such things – and I have to agree. If you’re marketing yourself to strong social conservatives, you’re much better off not mentioning your sexual preferences. (@ queercents)

Suze Orman Is Extremely Risk Averse Suze, by her actions, shows that she is extremely risk averse, which actually lines up very well with all of the personal finance advice she gives. In other words, she lives what she teaches – and that’s why it took her so long to come out. (@ moomin valley)

Suze Orman Is Gay: What It Means To Personal Finance This article finds yet another personal finance take on the issue: the estate tax situation basically says that Suze and her partner can’t simply leave their money to each other without paying some serious estate tax. Even though they have a long-term commitment to each other, they can’t leave each other their separate money. This bothers me; I think the government shouldn’t make value judgements on people in terms of how they use their money. If someone works hard, finds success, and achieves the American dream, they should at least have earned the right to leave their whole estate to one person of their own choosing. Yes, I’m opposed to the estate tax. (@ money for the rest of us)

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  1. Shannon says:

    I don’t care who the woman sleeps with – sound advice is still sound advice.

  2. imelda72 says:

    I’m surprised that you liked that first article–to me it seemed like the author was just looking for something to pick at.

    Haven’t you said yourself that, if you’re going to invest in stocks, make sure you don’t invest more than you’re willing to lose? I think that’s all that Suze was saying. For her, she can afford to lose $1M.

    (If I am misquoting you, sorry! I read that recently, and think I remember it from this blog. If not, though, it’s still pretty sound advice!)

  3. frank says:

    Oh ok good. I thought I was the only one that didn’t know she was a homosexual. Like you said, doesn’t mean much to me. Didn’t pay her attention before, not going to start now.

  4. Brad says:

    I agree that we should scrap the whole inheritance tax. Other issues, like exactly what marriage is, should be taken away from the state and left to private individuals.

    Of course this fights against the greedy idea that we can “tax the rich”….

    Doing both of these would not only be fairer, it would eliminate a bunch of arguments about social issues. :)


  5. Ahem says:

    I don’t care who the woman sleeps with – bad advice is still bad advice.

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