The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Ten Links Edition

Lots of articles today… I found ten things to link to!

Can WalMart Help Americans Save Money? This is a discussion of WalMart’s renewed initiative to push CFLs on the American consumer. It’s an interesting move: CFLs are very cost-effective for the consumer and generally more friendly to the environment than regular incandescent bulbs. I think WalMart will make money because of a vastly bigger profit margin per unit, but even with that, the consumer wins. (@ one frugal girl)

How Discounting the Value of Your Home Could Keep You Out of Financial Trouble This is a slick mental trick for keeping a person humble about their finances and less willing to spend a chunk of change on something they don’t really need and can’t afford. (@ money smart life)

Most Common Retail Ripoff Techniques I’ve seen almost all of these in action at least one time or another, and it does outline a problem in general with brick-and-mortar retailers. (@ pro bargain hunter)

Tips #22 This is the latest in a series of simple tips for living that usually save money as well. My favorite: using olive oil instead of shaving cream, as it’s cheaper. (@ cool tools)

Beginning Employee Stock Purchase Plan Although I’m all in favor of deductions into retirement accounts, any system where you can put money aside to buy company stock at a discount rate sends up red flags. Flexo does have enough good sense to make me breathe easier, though, as he’s already investing heavily in a 401(k) and this is just additional icing. (@ consumerism commentary)

Roth IRAs – Gotta Love Them! If you’re thinking of opening a Roth IRA this year (and I am), this is a great discussion of some of the pitfalls to look for. I’ve already decided on Vanguard for mine because of how well they treated me in the past with my index fund. (@ boston gal’s open wallet)

New Personal Finance Books For 2007 I’m looking to fill a few open slots in my 52 Books series, so I’m excited to read at least a couple of these and write about them here on The Simple Dollar. (@ my open wallet)

How To Set Up An Emergency Fund This is a great article on how to set up an emergency fund at This one advocates six months of expenses as a long term goal for an emergency fund. My dream? A one year fund. (via the sun’s financial diary)

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  1. TMT says:

    Trent – thanks for the link.

    I’ve really enjoyed The Simple Dollar and following your great writing.

  2. teatreebergamot says:

    Hi, just popped in to say thanks very much for linking to me. While I’m here, I’ve had a really good time reading your blog!

    Tea Tree

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