The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Ten People Edition

A friend of mine sent me an interesting thought problem.

Civilization as you know it is about to end. You have the option of taking yourself and ten other people to a desert island with you. Who do you take?

I listed the ten most obvious people and thought I was done. But the question wormed around for a while and I began to revise my list, eventually only having four people from the original list on the final one. I considered the idea of being trapped on a small island with some of these people, the fact that some are quite old and wouldn’t live long anyway, the need for non-related people (assuming you’re going to be there for many, many years), and so on.

Think about it. It’s not as obvious as you might first believe.

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  1. kevin says:

    If Civilization is going to end, and I, as a male, will be responsible for staring Civilization over again, I think I need to take 10 18-25 year old women to start Civilization over again.

  2. jake says:

    As a male I would have to agree with Kevin.

  3. Matt says:

    If I’m responsible for starting civilization over again, civilization is in big trouble – I’ve had a vasectomy. But I’m still taking ten women with me to the island.

  4. Ryan says:

    I’d take 2 young men and 8 young fertile women mainly for breeding purposes and shoot for 5 to 6 children per woman. Two of the individuals would also be from a farming background. Two would be from a fishing background. Two from a ranching/herding background. Two would be domestic (cooking, cleaning, rearing). Two from a a building background.

  5. Amanda says:

    Ryan has the best plan genetically, assuming one wants to start civilization over again. Me, I’m not sure. :)

  6. laura k says:

    I agree with Amanda…I’m not sure we can make the assumption that civilization needs to be restarted!

  7. Susan says:

    I’d bring ten heaven’s gate nuts and organize a group suicide.

  8. icup says:

    I would bring Les Stroud, aka Survivorman, 2 native Polynesians skilled in sea-canoing and canoe building, and seven heavily armed US Marines.

    Upon landing on the island, Survivorman will be tasked with establishing our camp and food/water supply, the Polynesians will be set to work building canoes, and upon completion, the Marines and I will be coming for all of you on your islands, so you better get ready.

  9. pam munro says:

    My husband, of course – and a young couple (intelligent and resourceful) – Survivor man is a good choice – and someone with a phenonmenal memory to serve as our archive – A muscian, and artist, an intellectual/philosopher with knowledege of Western (and hopefully other) civilizations…A spiritual guide…and someone who knows about planting foodstuffs and taking care of animals!

  10. guinness416 says:

    You mean I have to pick between Ewan McGregor and my husband? Curses!

  11. Valerie says:

    I was thinking of people that I actually know. I picked a couple of non-related couples (except for my boyfriend, my sister, and her fiance), as well as some single women and a single man. I want the offspring to be able to bear children with non-relatives (which is why the 10 girls/1 guy wouldn’t be good). I only have 8 so far, but we have a doctor, 2 nurses, 2 massage therapists, a technical wizard, a physics buff, a numbers person (who is incredibly strong), and myself (with degree in psychology and counseling experience). I just picked people I’d want to be with, and it seems to be a well-rounded room for 2 more.

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