The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Thanksgiving Prep Edition

Lots of people are going to be traveling today, hoping to enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving with their family. I’m no different – I have four hours of driving ahead of me this afternoon. I’m looking forward to a few relaxing days with my family. Because I’m unsure about network access, there will be no morning roundup until next Monday. For now, though, here are some personal finance goodies.

Our Parents Tell Us To “Quit Whining” – Do They Really Understand Our Debt Situation? This is a brilliant analysis of where the fault lies in the incredible amounts of debt that many twentysomethings find themselves in today. It’s a foul brew of oversheltered youth, a sense of entitlement, and an expectation of a four year degree and a beautiful house by your twenty fifth birthday. (@ generation x finance)

Best Buy’s Black Friday Doorbuster Special! I’m already heading there this Friday and if I get there early enough, I’ll be seriously eyeing the Toshiba laptop (if they’re not all gone, that is). Yes, I admit it, I’m a Black Friday addict. (@ pro bargain hunter)

Taking Black Friday Off On the other hand, we have Lazy Man who is too much of a chicken to go out on Black Friday. I guess the thought of me geared up in my football helmet and pads (I did this one year, to much chuckling from other shoppers) scared him too much. (@ lazy man and money)

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