The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: The Big Unknown Edition

Today, I’m linking to ten articles from personal finance blogs I’ve never had the opportunity to link to before. These are quite good articles from blogs well worth discovering.

What Class Are You? We ride the line between middle class and upper middle class using this definition. I think the key thing here is that if you’re living like the class above you, you’ll eventually drown, continuing his boat analogy. (@ queercents)

Sharpe Minds Love The Sharpe Ratio This is an interesting way to numerically evaluate the cost of risk as a thumbnail sketch. I feel pretty good, as my current investments all seem to have a good ratio using the ratio calculator. (@ a financial revolution)

Infinite Time Horizons This is a really interesting perspective on retirement planning that I hadn’t considered before. I suppose that I am effectively already doing this, as retirement seems almost infinitely far off right now. (@ crazy money)

Is Life Passing Me By? It’s a question I suppose we all have to ask ourselves if we live within our means and watch other people living above theirs. Is life passing me by? I probably would have worried more about this before I had my son; now, we roll around on the floor and make “ribbit” frog noises at each other and I can’t imagine doing anything else. (@ living almost large)

New Car Versus Current Car? A stellar example of how a frugal person evaluates an automobile purchase. (@ simplicity in kansas)

Whole Life Insurance Is A Rip-Off 100% Of The Time I couldn’t agree more, though for different reasons than are stated here. I mostly feel that if you buy 30 year term insurance and invest the difference in cost between that and whole life insurance, at the end of the term insurance you’ll have adequate investment to pay for your funeral costs and other post-mortem expenses. At that age, you won’t need life insurance to cover children any more and your estate should be healthy enough to carry your spouse, so just let the insurance drop. Hmm… maybe I’ll make a post out of this soon. (@ getting green)

The View Is Lousy From Here An interesting take on car loans that exceed the value of the automobile. A painful situation to be in, for sure. (@ money sense)

Anxious Honey, we’re all anxious to pay off our debts. Other than my upcoming house loan, I never want to take out another debt in my life. Ever. (@ kiss of debt)

Finding A Balance Between Donation Types I think this comes down to personal philosophy; there’s no universal right and wrong here. I usually try to find places to donate that meet my own value structure. (@ 100 by 30 project)

Retirement Planning? Important? Pft. The title certainly got my attention. Thankfully it’s more of a reflection on his past idiocy than on anything current, but I’ve basically had the same response from people who I’ve offered advice to. (@ stop buying crap)

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