The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: The Mating of Millie Edition

A few nights ago, my wife and I watched a 1948 black and white film clled The Mating of Millie. It’s stood out in my mind for a long time because the movie features a lot of professional women and the titular character actually is in charge of a rather sizable business and employs a lot of men under her. If you want a movie that toys with the stereotypes of the late 1940s and 1950s, this is an interesting one. I’m not actually sure why I’m mentioning this, it just has been on my mind as of late.

Ready to Retire Right Now? Find Out If It’s Time To Quit The Rat Race Sorry, not even close! Of course, I intend to “retire” but actually be quite busy with various things. (@ the digerati life)

Cleaning Out Cluttered Relationships I really liked the perspective of this article, especially looking at friendships as an insurance policy. This guest writer needs to have a blog of her own, I think – I love her stuff. (@ clever dude)

Who Saves Money When You Pick Apples? The Grower This is an almost perfect example of why I love living in Iowa. I have several friends with apple trees in their back yard – I can pick bushels whenever I want, usually for free or for a simple barter. (@ wise bread)

The Simple Dollar Retro: Eight Tips For Reading A Personal Finance or Personal Development Book Without Getting Bored I actually have to use some of these tips to get through some of the personal finance books I read – some are definitely more dry than others.

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  1. Marsha says:

    Ha, when I saw “Mating of Millie,” my mind went to Millie the dog, pet of Barbara and George H.W. Bush. Eeps!

    More seriously, the article about relationships is interesting. I’ve recently moved, and I need to make new friends (plus keep old friends) and I feel the need to be picky with new friendships.

  2. MegB says:

    Wow, that article on friendships hit very close to home, and I thought it was very well-reasoned. I’ve been examining my own friendships a lot lately, and this touched on several things I have thought about and lots of things I haven’t. Thanks for sharing the link, Trent.

  3. MO says:

    Don’t know where to post this actually.
    A few posts ago, you said you were having 11 people in your house for at least one night.
    Where do you put them all?
    We live in AZ for part of the year.
    (Not quite retired yet though!!)
    Have guests a lot.
    Could use some advice.
    LOVE this site,

  4. FMF says:

    I forgot you lived in Iowa — I was just home seeing my parents this past weekend and I bet I drove right by you. Email me when you get the chance — maybe we could do a meet up in the future. ;-)

  5. Laura says:

    i enjoyed the realtionship article. Giving space does work and many times you and your friend reconnect. The two times it didn’t happen, I noticed a little less stress in my life. I realized that those friendships weren’t worth the investment of time and energy.

  6. Clever Dude says:

    Thanks for the link (again) Trent. Stacie (the guest writer and my wife) does have her own site, but it’s about nutrition and fitness, not relationships :) She’s a registered dietitian by trade and a strong friend by nature.

  7. Arundati says:

    Apple picking is not about saving $ but to show you kids how food grows.The point is this is not some billion $ agribusiness that we are paying a premium to support. When I shop at the farmers market I can see how hard these people are working on a weekend and Californians are supporting them am proud to say. You want to teach your kids to be frugal but also feel the pain and hardwork of their fellow men. Not everything in life is about finding the best price, counting pennies saved in gas money and bargain fruit.
    While I agree that an entry fee to the farm is bad, these are small farms that are working hard at staying afloat. I would try to find farms that focus on selling fruit rather than having a carnival.
    I had a lot of fun visiting a neighbor’s farm as kid, snacking on mango and sugarcane, playing in the river in India. Unfortunately those people have fallen into poverty and have no hope of ever living a comfortable life. So small farmers deserve a helping hand.

  8. Trent, I appreciate the link :). Glad to know you’re not yet ready to retire in the traditional sense of the word. Also, the relationships article was a nice read. I’ve realized that some of my friendships / relationships benefited from some “active” management.

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