The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: The Offer Is In Edition

We put in an offer yesterday (though it may not actually reach the buyer until today). It’s about 6% below the asking price and we’re also asking for closing costs. Around here, homes typically go for 10% or so below asking price right now if closing costs aren’t tossed in, so we think this is about right. Wish us luck!

Meal Planning Around Grocery Sales: 15 Ways To Use Those Jars Of Pasta Sauce I don’t necessarily view pasta sauce as a staple item (I tend to prefer to start with tomato juice, add herbs to it, then boil it to the thickness I like and add my own meat … but I digress), the idea here is brilliant: just keep an eye out for big sales on particular staple foods, stock up, then be creative with them. (@ not made of money)

Can A Rain Barrel Save You Money? If you have uses for non-potable water (like, say, gardening), they sure can. My parents used several enormous rain barrels with a hose system on them to handle most of the garden and flower watering during the summer. If arranged well, they can also help out with drainage if you live in a poorly-drained area. (@ get rich slowly)

How Much Do You Need To Earn $0.01 In Interest Every Month? This is an amusing exercise in financial math that could be extrapolated a bit further. For example, for every $2.78 you have in an ING Direct savings account, you earn $0.01 in interest each month. Thus, $278 would earn $1 in interest in a month, and $2,780 would earn $10 (and then that $10 would earn $0.03 itself the following month… oh, the power of compound interest!). (@ endless gibberish)

The Simple Dollar Retro: What Exactly Is A “Certified Financial Planner,” and Why Should I Care? I kept hearing the title pop up here and there, so I went and did the research to find out if it really meant anything. Does it? Sort of… it’s not cut and dried. Read the article to see what I mean.

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  1. Hazzard says:

    Congratulations on putting the offer in. It’s hard to believe that the market there supports 10% below asking. I’m glad our market here (NW) isn’t at that point, mostly because I’m already in a home. Of course if I wasn’t, I’d be praying for your market….. :)

    I’ll be watching to see if they accepted the offer!

  2. Good luck with your offer trent, hope its all smooth and quick.

  3. I’m just trying to find a good online checking account with decent interest.

  4. GeekMan says:

    Congratulations! I know how nerve wracking the process can be, especially if you don’t hear anything for a day or so. One thing to keep in mind now that you’ve actually made the offer; never second guess yourself. You could spend weeks agonizing over the offer(s) you made, especially if it’s rejected. Just stay firm with your budget and sooner or later it will all work out.
    Best of luck!

  5. Trent says:

    We actually offered a bit higher than our agent initially suggested. We told our agent that this was the house we wanted, he suggested a number, and we ended up going a bit higher than that. Bear in mind that this amount is significantly above appraisal value.

  6. elkit says:

    Good luck! If all goes well, all your readers are invited for the housewarming party, right?

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