The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: The Power of Great Fiction Edition

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I’ve been on a kick recently re-reading some of my favorite novels of all. I just finished The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle for the fifth or sixth time and as I sat there thinking back on the book, I realized that it might be the greatest novel I’ve ever read. It might not have transformed my life like other books, but in terms of really making me sit and just reflect and absorb an amazing novel from beginning to end, this would be the one. If you haven’t read this novel, please think of giving it a shot. It’s amazing. Anyway, on with some personal finance posts.

A Reply To A Comment Journey to Freedom maybe shouldn’t be in the headline writing business, but the advice here is a good one. Look at the interest rates, people, not the overall monthly payment. Debt consolidations can lower your monthly payments, but if the interest rates are higher, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice over the long run. (@ journey to freedom)

Ten Reasons Why You Should Be An Entrepreneur Today This post got me to thinking about how entrepreneurship advice really applies to life in general most of the time. These are all things that a successful individual should work on, no matter what their employment situation. (@ money smart life)

Why A Bad First Job Is Good For You A great story that has a solid point, too. Can’t wait for future installments. (@ wise bread)

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4 thoughts on “The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: The Power of Great Fiction Edition

  1. I’ve had The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle on my Amazon list forever, but never got around to ordering it. I just started Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell for the third time yesterday, though…

  2. Read “Germinal” by Emile Zola. The imagery that Zola builds of the life of the 18th (?) century French peasant coal miners is unbelievably detailed and life-like. When reading this novel, you can develop almost a complete sense of the life of the characters it portrays. And I picked this book up for free in a discarded books box at my college!!! The best things in life often *do* come for free! :)

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