The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Thomas Eagleton Edition

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This weekend, Thomas Eagleton died. For a presidential campaign button collector like myself, this is a sad moment, because his name appears on one of the bigger prizes in campaign button collecting: the McGovern/Eagleton ’72 button. Why is this one great? Eagleton was the vice presidential nominee for the Democratic Party in 1972 – for roughly one week. He was tossed off the ticket about a week after the convention when it was revealed he had undergone elctro-shock therapy. Unsurprisingly, McGovern was utterly crushed by Nixon that year. Anyway, enjoy these personal finance posts, and maybe check around and see if you have a McGovern/Eagleton button around somewhere.

5 Things I Learned From Casey Serin For those of you unawares, Casey Serin is an individual who bought into the real estate bubble right at the peak by buying a ton of houses on credit. Then, before he could sell a single one, the local market for him crashed about 30%. Ouch. (@ the digerati life)

Nine Uses For Lemons Around here, lemons are really cheap right now, so I found this particularly interesting – what could I do with a box full of them? (@ personal finance advice)

Photo Run To The Thrift Store This person sarcastically goes through a thrift store, finds some bargains, and also finds some odd things, too (like a bucket full of crutches). (@ the sinful dollar)

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4 thoughts on “The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Thomas Eagleton Edition

  1. Sad to hear about Eagleton. My college boyfriend, who had a second major in economics, took a class that Eagleton and another faculty member co-taught. I remember always being interested in hearing about their debates/lectures–they were often on “opposite” sides but they were also both scholars. This was around 1999.

  2. It is depressing that Tom Eagleton will always be known in part of the McGovern ticket. He was a great Senator, excellent lawyer and inspiring teacher. I was a volunteer in his last (1980) election and he was always the smartest guy in the room — which could be annoying if you disagreed with him. He’ll be missed.

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