The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Three Cent Quesadilla Edition

Take two whole wheat tortillas, sprinkle some leftover cheese between them, and microwave the sandwich for about thirty seconds. Put just a bit of salsa on top and slice it like a pizza. It’s a great snack for two and it costs almost nothing. Anyway, on with some personal finance posts.

Taxes and Twenty Somethings: Getting Acquainted With The Basics This is a great introduction to how income taxes work for twentysomethings who have never done them for themselves before. I was in that very situation five years ago or so… those were the carefree days. (@ queer cents)

Bought Clothes… And Thought About It This is what happens when you buy clothes at The Gap: you end up questioning your values, feeling empty and soulless inside, and despairing about your spending choices on your blog while you sip a Starbucks latte. Wait… did I miss the point? (@ my open wallet)

Understanding Broad Market Behavior Is Important When Trading Stocks Some people get obsessed with a specific company when they buy stocks and forget about the bigger picture of the stock market as a whole. That is an error, my friend. (@ generation x finance)

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  1. Madame X says:

    Hey, I wasn’t drinking a Starbucks latte! Thanks for the mention.

  2. Jeremy says:

    Thanks for the mention. And I’m starting to think you are a weird clone of myself in some far away land. Those tortilla things, I make those all the time! It is a staple around our house. The only thing different I do is add a little sour cream on top as well. They do make a great cheap snack.

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