The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Three Sites You Need To Read Edition

No “real” morning roundup for me this morning, as I’m traveling. Instead, I wanted to give some recognition to three personal finance blogs that have really impressed me in the last month. You should give each of these a read.

Queercents is “a personal finance blog serving the LGBT community.” Weird. I would never have realized that they were targeting only the LGBT audience with their advice if they didn’t say so, because it’s all fantastically written and applicable to pretty much everyone.

Money, Matter, and More Musings
The author of this site is one of the friendliest people around, plus some of his posts are unbelievably interesting, well-conceived, and well written. It’s one of the few sites around where I’m happy to see a new post pop up in my feed reader.

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  1. Tom Purl says:

    Great post. Thanks for all of the links!

  2. Nice to have a fan! Thanks for the endorsement.

  3. Golbguru says:

    Trent, thanks for the mention. :)

    “The author of this site is one of the friendliest people around” flatter me. (devil emoticon)

    Btw, thanks for mentioning the other two blogs also…they are interesting.

  4. Nina says:

    Trent, thanks for the shout out!

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